Strategy & Execution

Strategy & Execution

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If you’re a Marketing Leader, Sales Leader, or C-Level Executive in a B2B organisation, you might be interested in our Strategy & Execution services in Predictive Social Selling.

Skotidas Consulting Group delivers end-to-end Strategy & Execution services to achieve your organisation’s objectives.

The three business objectives our agency focuses on are:

  • Generate New Business Leads & Sales Pipeline
  • Grow Customer Accounts & Revenue
  • Establish Brand & Category Leadership

To achieve your objectives, Skotidas provides two Strategy & Execution services:

  • Full Program Strategy & Execution
  • Skotidas provides end-to-end strategy, planning, and execution of your Predictive Social Selling programs.

  • Content Marketing
  • Skotidas provides strategy, planning, and execution of your Content Marketing program, including sourcing, insight development, and distribution.